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St. Mary of Czestochowa School has emerged from very humble beginnings. From 1895 to 1905 classes were taught in various locations. The first school was a typical one-room schoolhouse where all grades were taught. This classroom was located in the home of one of the parishioners, Mr. Stephen Bartoszek. For four months, the first teacher was the parish organist, Mr. Alexander Rodon. -He was succeeded by the second organist of the parish, Mr. Theodore Mlyniec; and the school became known as "Mlyniec School."

In 1898, a Parish Hall, a small one-room frame building was built and classes were then held there. Because of an increasing enrollment in the school the third pastor of the growing parish, namely, Rev. Bronislaus Czajkowski transformed the Parish Hall into two classrooms in 1904. Rev. Czakowski invited the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis, a newly formed congregation in Stevens Point, Wisconsin to administer this school of fifty-four students. This marked the formal establishment of "St. Mary of Czestochowa Elementary School."

In 1905, Rev. Czajkowski built a combination church and school building.   This building served the educational needs of the students for thirteen years - until 1918.

A new church building was built in 1918. The "combination church-school building" was newly renovated and it became the "present" school building - St. Mary of Czestochowa School. From 1895 to the present day, ten pastors have administered the parish of St. Mary of Czestochowa.

The Sisters of St. Joseph, TOSF, , served as principals and teachers of the school for 101 years. In June of 2005, the last Sister of St. Joseph, TOSF, retired from the school. Many dedicated lay teachers worked together with the Sisters of St. Joseph throughout the years. The present lay faculty is administered by the first lay principal, Mr. Al Theis and is continuing in its strong tradition of providing an excellent Catholic education to its students.

A celebration to mark the Centennial of the present school building was held in December 2005 under the direction of the principal, Mr. Theis, and the faculty. The Most Rev. Bishop Thomas Paprocki officiated at the centennial liturgy.

The present pastor, Rev. Radoslaw Jaszczuk, C.S.s.R. is diligently working together with the principal, faculty, school parents, The Parents Club and the parishioners to continue the viability and traditions of St. Mary of Czestochowa School so that it can live up to its motto: ST. MARY OF CZESTOCHOWA SCHOOL: SETTING HIGH STANDARDS IN EDUCATION......IN LIFE!.

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